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Whether you opened a merchant account last week, last month, or years ago, chances are the merchant account provider can offer you more than you realize. All it takes is a little research, a phone call or two, and you can unleash its full potential. It’s easy and worth it to get the most out of your merchant account provider. Before you settle with the products and services for processing credit cards online you have, follow these helpful tips on how to get the most out of your merchant account provider.

Ask about Free Products and Services

While it might seem that every product or service comes with a high price tag attached to it, it’s possible to take advantage of some great products and services that don’t cost a penny. Ask your merchant account provider to give you a list of all their free products and services. This includes free software, tools, and equipment that they just away for simply becoming a member. Some companies even offer free online shopping cart software.

If you haven’t found a merchant account provider yet, it’s worth doing research to find one that offers free products and services for internet credit card processing. You might even find a company that doesn’t charge to process your application or setup the new merchant account.

Take Advantage of Technical Support

Chances are you have a question or two about the online software or payment gateway you’re using. Your customers might have a few questions too. Compile a list of all your questions and keep it handy. If your merchant account provider has free 24/hour support, take advantage of it by calling the customer support department and ask them all the questions in one call.

Join an Affiliate Program

If your merchant account provider has an affiliate program, it’s time to become an affiliate. By joining an affiliate program, you will have the opportunity to receive money for every referral. This means you can earn cash without having to invest your time and money into marketing or sales. In order to become an affiliate, all you have to do is add a logo on your website. Free money is always a good thing!

Switch Merchant Account Providers

While trying to get the most out of your provider, you might have discovered that they truly don’t have the products and services that you need for your business. If you find that you’re not happy with your current provider, consider switching to a merchant account provider that has the products and services you need.

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