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A mobile payment gateway, like any new technology, can seem overwhelming to the average consumer at first glance. There are new protocols to learn, sometimes new accounts to sign up for, and a lot of misinformation floating around regarding security. With 2017 being such an important year for this technology, it’s a good idea to examine how consumers might benefit from adopting mobile payment processing.


You have probably heard about hackings by now if you watch or listen to the news, at least enough to know private information is vulnerable. How does mobile solve this problem? Your credit card/bank account is tied to an account you can use on your phone. When you scan your device at a credit card swipe machine, a randomly generated number string that exists in a vacuum identifies you and checks your account. It’s extremely difficult to replicate these conditions. If your device remains with you, your payments are secure. If your device is stolen, you have multiple means to immediately shut your account down. Your device is also encrypted, which makes it difficult for the average thief to get past your security.

Plus, there’s the added bonus of going fully digital. One day in the not too distant future, you won’t have to carry cash at all! It’s no wonder consumers prefer the security of a mobile device to accepting credit cards in person. The novelty of swiping soon wears off when customers realize their statements will update sooner, their transactions are more secure, and they have more control over how they use their card.

Customizable Offers

Imagine getting coupons for the things you really need, not the stuff that fits what you’re shopping for. The products you use every day are offering discounts you’re not getting. With mobile payments, merchants will be able to learn how you shop and offer you compelling discounts that reduce your costs of living.

More Ways to Pay

Ultimately mobile credit card processing means consumers have more flexible means to pay for goods and services, and that’s always a benefit. Now, you’ll be able to link your external accounts to your phone and utilize many different accounts to pay for the same goods. For some, this is a huge budgeting resource. It’s much easier to track budgets across different accounts, like a credit card for food or gas only, and soon that option will be made even easier with digital wallets.


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