Ecommerce credit card processing is on the rise as more people depend on the internet to market their products and services to consumers. Despite all the information available to small business owners, many entrepreneurs are still unclear about how to go start accepting debit and credit cards through a website. And with new products on the market nearly every day, it can be overwhelming to find the payment processing solutions that are right for your online business. Here’s a quick look at ecommerce credit card processing:

You need to open a merchant account. There’s no way around it, if you want to process payments over the web, you will need to open a merchant account. However, getting approved for a merchant account is easier said than done. If you’re having trouble getting approved due to poor credit or because you work in a high risk industry, consider opening an account with a company that specializes in high risk businesses. Going with a specialized company will provide you with a better chance of being approved without getting hit with high processing fees.

You don’t need a credit card machine. If you own an online company, you don’t need a retail point-of-sale terminal. Instead of swiping credit cards via a terminal, you can now process debit and credit cards via online credit card processing software or virtual terminal. What type of software is best? Find one that can handle all types of payment processing, including debit cards, credit cards, phone orders, mail orders, and checks.

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