Even if your business operates out of a storefront, there are plenty of reasons why you need to consider mobile credit card processing. Your business needs the flexibility to accept credit cards no matter where you are — even if you are away from your business. The same is true for small businesses that operate from home or traditionally handle eCommerce only. You never know when — or where — you might need to take credit cards in person.

Charge.com Payment Solutions, Inc. has helped many small businesses expand their range of payment options to include mobile credit cards. Here are a few reasons why doing so might be important for you as you explore different credit card merchant account options:

Quick and Instant Mobile Payments: If you have a business where you provide services at an off-site location, being able to accept mobile payments provides customers with a sense of security. Instead of having to write down credit card information and manually run it at the office, you can process the card instant and the customer will get their receipt right away.

Sales at Trade Shows and Conventions: You never know when you might have the opportunity to sell your products or services at a convention or other type of special event. Having your own card reader saves you on having to rent a device at the event while allowing you to complete sales on the spot.

Empowering Your Sales Force: If you have a sales team that goes on the road, giving them mobile credit card readers makes sense. They’ll be able to close the sale, run the credit card and finish the transaction immediately, limiting problems and chances for second thoughts to creep into a customer’s head.

Written by Charge.com Payment Solutions, Inc. Charge.com Payment Solutions, Inc. makes it easy for any business to get a credit card merchant account and start accepting credit cards.

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