How to Accept Money Online For Your Business

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There was a time when the only options available for making a payment for a purchase was either by cash or by check, but things have come a long way from then with the emergence of online shopping and there are many options available to make payments. So now when you are starting a new business you have several payment options to choose from and the traditional cash based society is slowly becoming obsolete and is being replaced by a cashless society. These are some of the methods that can be used to accept money for your online business.

Credit card payments

Credit cards offer customers a convenient method of making payments and it is a widely used to make online payments. Credit card payments will be processed through a merchant account which the merchant will have with a merchant account service provider like Solid Trust Pay. The merchant account will be the intermediary that collects money due to the merchant from the customer through his credit card company.

Unlike some years ago, now opening a merchant account is very easy and all you have to do is visit and follow the links to open a merchant account and start receiving credit card payments from your customers. It is also much more affordable to operate a merchant account with providers like Solidtrustpay who offer very reasonable rates.


PayPal has gained popularity as an online payment method due to the convenience it offers since you can make payments directly from the listing page to the sellers account from your bank account. It is also secure and if you are using a credit card to fund the payment the number will not be exposed to the seller or any other party as PayPal will encrypt it and this will prevent credit card fraud from happening.

Third party payment processors

If you do not have a merchant account like Solid Trust Pay processing your credit transactions you can have your customers make payments by credit cards through payment processors who will link the customer’s credit card company with an acquiring bank like Solidtrustpay that enable credit card processing.

Start accepting money online for your business with Solid Trust Pay by logging on to today.

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